Stephan Vanfleteren

Conakry, Guinea

Thierno Malal Diallo, 38, has ameloblastoma, a usually benign tumor which tends to develop in the lower jaw and can lead to extreme abnormalities.'Five years ago, I felt something on my face. It was growing fast and started to hurt.' Thierno reported this after his operation on the Mercy Ship. Before the operation he couldn't speak and could barely breathe. His tumor was hidden behind a cloth. He was hardly able to walk because he was very weak. Doctors gave him a 50% chance of getting through the operation. A former footballer, Thierno was strong enough to survive the operation and is recovering well.Guinea is one of the least developed countries in the world. More than 60 % of the population lives below the poverty line of USD 1 per day. Three quarters of the population is illiterate. Public healthcare is minimal and unaffordable for most people. This series of portraits is of people with various diseases and conditions who have come to seek help from the NGO Mercy Ship. Mercy Ship is an international charity which operates a hospital ship that provides free health care, community projects, health education and other programmes to people in developing world countries. The doctors and nurses on the ship work voluntarily.

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Stephan Vanfleteren
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