Nora Lorek


Three year old Theodor Hedin, son of Sebastian, climbs into the car as the family gets ready to head home from the folkets park (people's park). 'There's no better place to grow up than here' says Sebastian, speaking about Sveg, the town where they live. In Sweden, 'folkets park' (people's parks) in most towns and cities. They were initially created by the labour movement as places where workers and their families could relax and unwind. Sveg's folkets park hosts the midsummer celebrations every year.At the main road junction in Sveg there are two grocery stores, two petrol stations, a Thai food truck and the world's largest wooden bear. Inside the city of 2,500 residents there's also a systembolget (government-owned chain of liquor stores in Sweden), two pizzerias and some other shops.'I like Sveg, we have almost everything. All we miss is a place for bowling' says Thomas who doesn't understand why so many people are complaining about migrants or refugees coming to Sweden. 'As long as both the locals and new residents behave well and collaborate we'll be fine.'

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