Martin Roemers


Wim Jagtenberg (born 1915), a Dutch veteran of World War II (WW2).
"We were defending the forward terrain of the Grebbeberg, but we couldn't hold out against the Germans. I asked my captain what we should do, but he sat there with tears in his eyes and just shrugged his shoulders. We just felt numb when we surrendered. The Germans, all covered in camouflage paint, were swearing and shouting. A Dutch sergeant was crying 'Mercy!' and 'Heil Hitler!' The Germans advanced to the Grebbeberg and made us tow their field guns. We walked in full view on the road and the Germans waded through the ditch. The Dutch started to shoot and
I was hit in the knee. I ended up in the ditch. The Germans stepped over me, keeping their heads down."
"One German soldier who stood up straight was shot and fell on top of me. He was bleeding to death. He reached for my hand and I reached for his. There was nothing odd about that, as both of us were at the gates of eternity. The German died within ten minutes. In the afternoon, the Germans pulled back because of Dutch shelling and I stayed behind alone. It was a beautiful spring day. The birds were singing and next to me was a horse grazing, looking up every now and then at the shell craters in the field. I felt no pain. I was happy and didn't need anything any more. It was the end for me and that was OK. When the sun went down, the pain came back. It was cold and I was hungry. I wanted to live again."

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Martin Roemers
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