Andrew McConnell

Zahle, Lebanon

Young siblings Rahaf, 12, Fady, seven, and Ali, six, walk together between shelters outside their home in the Fayda tented settlement, in the Bekaa Valley. The three siblings are all blind by birth and struggle with daily life in the settlement where they live. They fled here two years ago from Homs alongside their mother and four other siblings. At first it was difficult for the children to adapt to their new surroundings however now that they are familiar with their immediate environment they are able to move around within a limited area. 'They taught themselves to walk around' says Fawza, their mother, 'they are having difficulties here because they're not used to it, at home it was much easier for them. Rahaf broke her arm a while back and last winter Ali burnt himself with the heater.' Rahaf says, 'It was very hard when we first got here; we had to learn from scratch where everything is inside the house. We don't stray from the tent alone. The farthest we go is the school. One of our friends or my brother Khaled always take us but am learning the way on my own now.'

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Andrew McConnell
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