Robin Hammond/Panos Pictures

Bizerte, Tunisia

17 year old, gay man Mariah, a high school student and already an activist for LGBTQI+ rights. He says as a result in school he has been bullied. In July of 2016 it became too much for him, he tried to kill himself: ''I'm still young and I've seen a lot through my high school years. I came out when I was a freshman. And I got a lot of discriminations. It's true that life has been tough for me, but I got thick skin now, I learned that people will always talk, more importantly they will always be afraid of difference.''

Many from the LGBTQI+ community hoped the Tunisian Revolution (Jasmine Revolution) would usher in a more open society, and an end to homophobia and transphobia. This has not come to pass. The laws that target LGBTQI+ people remain, most notably article 230 which makes same-sex acts illegal, punishable by up the 3 years in prison. Transgender people are targeted under public decency laws. The general public is no more accepting of LGBTQI+ people than they were before the revolution. Despite the legal and societal discrimination, activists are dedicated to campaigning more openly.

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