George Georgiou

Studenica, KOSOVO

22 year old Arban Gorqaj.
He was asked to describe his memories of the 1999 war, when the whole population of the ethnic Albanian village of Studenica were forced to flee the fighting.
"I was 15 when I was at the factory [refugee] camp, it was hard but it was like a playground for me and I met a lot of other boys. I think I was a bit confused by it all, I used to run around the village [after the return] looking at all the destruction and seeing people being buried, I can still remember the smell but I try not to think about that time.
Now I do whatever work I can get, I don't have a regular job, it's very hard to find work, if someone calls me to work in the fields or some building work, I go. It's ok if I can make enough for my cigarettes.
I don't want the Serbs to come back to Istok (nearest town which had Serbs), I don't want any Serbs in Kosovo."

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George Georgiou
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