29 year old, gender queer person Khookha. When Khookha's family discovered that he is an activist with Tunisian non-governmental women's rights and LGBTQI+ organisation 'Mawjoudui' (We Exist), his mother asked that he see a psychologist to 'adjust my weird behaviour and heal me from abomination and mental disease.' The psychologist said he was adopting female traits to show signs of weakness, a claim he flatly rejects. ''I don't agree with my psychologist, everyone should have the right to experiment femininity and masculinity and every possible way of gender expression despite of the biological sex they were assigned to at birth.''

Many from the LGBTQI+ community hoped the Tunisian Revolution (Jasmine Revolution) would usher in a more open society, and an end to homophobia and transphobia. This has not come to pass. The laws that target LGBTQI+ people remain, most notably article 230 which makes same-sex acts illegal, punishable by up the 3 years in prison. Transgender people are targeted under public decency laws. The general public is no more accepting of LGBTQI+ people than they were before the revolution. Despite the legal and societal discrimination, activists are dedicated to campaigning more openly.

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