Robin Hammond

Doula, Cameroon

37 year old Yves Serges. Early one morning in January 2011, Yves Serge was asleep in his room. He was awoken by the voice of his cousin. He looked out the window to see his cousin surrounded by around 15 men. He was crying. Yves opened the door, when he did so the men rushed inside. They dragged him out, put him on the back of a motorbike and drove him away. He had no idea where his kidnappers were taking him. They stopped at a cross-roads, pulled him off the bike, stripped him and started beating him all over his body with planks of wood. He was forced to sit on an empty beer bottle so that it entered his rectum. They continued to beat him. They started interrogating him, 'you are a faggot, tell us who you have sex with and where we can find them?' Yves refused to answer. The kidnappers piled up three large truck tires and made Yves to go inside of them. They came up to the height of his chest. They took petrol from their motorbikes and poured it over his head and body. They wanted to burn Yves alive. At that moment, people from Yves neighbourhood arrived. The details of what happened next are not clear to Yves, he was semi-conscious and overwhelmed by fear. He does know that some of his family members saved him from the lynching. While Yves has recovered physically, the experience has left him deeply traumatised. He is constantly reminded of the events, he is deeply afraid of the return of his kidnappers and has difficulty making relationships now.While many countries around the world are legally recognising same-sex relationships, individuals in nearly 80 countries face criminal sanctions for private consensual relations with another adult of the same sex. Violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender expression is even more widespread. Across Africa Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer, Inter-sex (LGBTQI) individuals are being increasingly criminalised. More than two thirds of African countries have laws criminalising consensua

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Robin Hammond
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