Espen Rasmussen

Hosaisha, YEMEN

38 Somali refugees, having just arrived on the beach close to the town of Hosaisha on the coast of Yemen, are crammed into a UNHCR truck, which pulls into a petrol station. They arrived, scared and exhausted, at 9pm after a dangerous crossing of the Gulf of Aden. The UNHCR will now transport the refugees to the Ahwar reception centre two hours away. In 2008 over 40,000 Somali refugees have arrived in Yemen, bringing the total number close to 250,000. They arrive by boat across the Gulf of Aden, one of the most notoriously dangerous bodies of water in the world. The journey is treacherous and many don't survive the crossing. Murder and brutal beatings are common, with smugglers forcing their 'cargo' onto tiny boats often loaded to ten times capacity. Due to the lack of space the refugees are forced to sit without moving, eating, or drinking for two to three days.

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Espen Rasmussen
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