Dieter Telemans

Dar Es Salaam, TANZANIA

39 year old Saidi Tamim lives with his 13 year old son, Ali Saidi and 13 other people in a 3-bedroom house. Saidi's wife died of skin cancer of the cheek in 1998. Saidi is unemployed since he became totally blind after an eye infection in 2006 and now the family is surviving on the generosity of their relatives. Saidi has now developed skin cancer of the nose and the back. He's afraid of radiation treatment because it didn't help his wife and he saw her die after suffering for many months. Instead he's taking Afdex, an anti-cancer drug, hoping that it will be enough to eliminate the cancer cells. Discrimination against albinos is a serious problem throughout sub-Saharan Africa, but recently in Tanzania albinos have been killed and mutilated, victims of a growing criminal trade in albino body parts fuelled by superstition and greed. Limbs, skin, hair, genitals and blood are believed by witch doctors to bring good luck, and are sold to clients for large sums of money, carrying with them the promise of instant wealth.

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Dieter Telemans
Dar Es Salaam
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