Alfredo Caliz

Fresno de la Fuente, Segovia, SPAIN

50 year old Luis Montalvo, an entrepreneur in Fresno de la Fuente, Segovia. "I told my family to accompany me to the country but they did not like the idea then I broke up with everything and I
went." Luis has been an entrepreneur all his life. He moved to the village when he had everything: wife, children, a transport business that did well, a good house...two circumstances made his life turn around: a working stress that he couldn't
handle anymore, - a doctor told him: 'that's enough' - and the death of one of his children, a 9 year old, of cancer. When he moved, he opened a leisure centre called Luis Miguel, in honour of his deceased son, with karting, paintball, restaurant. He has a new partner and a two year old daughter.

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Alfredo Caliz
Fresno de la Fuente, Segovia
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