Sean Sutton / MAG

Phanop, Khammouane province, LAOS

A curious dog approaches part of a US fighter plane's wing. It fell out of the sky during the Vietnam war. The villagers say that it is worth a lot of money and one day when the aluminium price increases they will cut it up and sell it.
Decades on, Laos is still living with the effects of the Vietnam war. Millions of bombs were dropped by US aircraft in Laos in an attempt to destroy the supply lines of North Vietnamese forces. Here in Bourlapha district, there were over 36,000 bombing missions. Many of the bombs remain deadly, with frequent accidents involving unexploded ordnance (UXO). At the same time, ingenuity has transformed the detritus of war, adapting it for multitudinous everyday uses.

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Sean Sutton / MAG
Phanop, Khammouane province
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