Mads Nissen

Caracoli, Colombia

A group of FARC fighters who have joined the peace process learn to use a basic mobile phone. Mobile devices, computers and the internet are a completely new to most FARC members and as part of their preparation for civilian life they are being taught how to use recent technologies.

As part of the peace process, the FARC has moved into UN-controlled areas known as 'Zonas Veredales y Puntos de Transicion y Normalizacion'.

They will be staying in the camp for several months where they will receive training to prepare them for civilian life. However, the peace process is far behind schedule. Houses that should have been ready months ago are still under construction, hence many guerrilla fighters are still living in tents. More importantly, they are questioning the government's ability to protect their lives if they lay down their weapons. Right-wing paramilitary groups are active in the area, civil society leaders are being killed and many of the areas previously controlled by the FARC are being taken over by illegal armed groups involved in extortion and drug trafficking.

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Mads Nissen
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