Chris de Bode

Meme, Diamare, Cameroon

A half-eaten meal of ground red maize, white rice and crushed mango leaves. This will be the only food Ramata Modou, 58, and her six children will eat today. The meal was gathered by begging from house to house in a village near the IDP camp for women and children where they live and where Ramata is the appointed leader. In an attack on her village, on the border with Nigeria, Ramata Modou's husband suffered a heart attack and her 17 year old daughter and grandchild were taken. Following the attack Ramata and her children, aged from five to 16 years old, fled their village, eventually arriving inMeme, where, for the first two months, they all slept under trees. The extreme north of Cameroon is suffering a food shortage exacerbated by climate change and conflict with Boko Haram. Fighting has spread across the borders from Nigeria into the countries of the Lake Chad region creating a refugee and famine crisis. Once an intrepid tourist destination boasting Waza national park, the extreme north of Cameroon now hosts people fleeing violence housed in unnamed refugee camps where they are lucky if they manage to get a single meal each day.

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Chris de Bode
Meme, Diamare
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