Adut Gerang (23) with a meal of sorghum and kudra that she will give to her children. Her family eat the same thing twice a day, but there can also be long periods of time without food. ''I can go three weeks without enough food. If there isn't enough sorghum, we have porridge.''

''The food is small, if I eat, there will not be enough for all of my children.''
If Adut gets work, then she can buy some sorghum. ''I am hungry, but I am not feeling the hunger.''

However, while there may not be any food here, Adut tells us ''it is much better here than where I was before, where I was beaten.''

''All my neighbours are my friends. When I don't have food, sometimes they give. While I've been living here I've been supported.''

''As a mother, my biggest worry is food, and then school.''

Adut, a breastfeeding mother, says" ''If I cannot breastfeed, my baby cries. Sometimes I can get very dizzy. There's not enough milk if I haven't had enough to eat.''

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