Adam Patterson

USA, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

A member of 'Moontribe' in the shade provided by a desert oasis somewhere outside the city limits of Las Vegas, the day after a 'Moontribe' party. Moontribe, an informal collective of electronic music enthusiasts, originally formed in Southern California but has no formal membership. Participants gather quarterly, sometimes more often, in the Southern, Central and Northern California wilderness, exclusively during a full moon. Organisers intentionally do not promote the parties commercially, having a strictly informal and non-commercial ethos, and only communicate dates and times of gatherings through word-of-mouth through a close knit social network.

Posing the simple question to their subjects: 'What does Las Vegas mean to you?' photographers Adam Patterson and Greg Funnell collaborated on a project that sought to discover if the American Dream was still a plausible notion. They choose Las Vegas as their microcosm as there they found the extremes of western capitalism. It is a 24 hour city that sees 150,000 people pass through its airport every day on their way to sample its proffered pleasures: gaming, entertainment and hospitality. However, in contrast to its bright lights there exists a shadow city that is the ninth most dangerous in America (31st largest by population) and has had the country's highest unemployment rates since 2008. With this in mind the two photographers asked: 'Does America still dare to hope?'

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Adam Patterson
USA, Las Vegas, Nevada
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