Elena Chernyshova/Panos Pictures

Sakhalin Island, Russia

A newlywed couple who travelled to the 'Silent Cape' park from Moscow for a photo shoot. Natalya and her husband are originally from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, but have been living in Moscow for a while. The 'Silent Cape' is one of their favourite landscapes. They came to climb mountains and then changed from their sports outfits into wedding attire to take the pictures.

Roman Shatrov, an environmental activist, mobilised a group of friends and like-minded people to claim 29 hectares from a land distribution scheme in the Bay of Silence to create a private nature park. The Silent Cape Park protects the Zhdanko Mountain Range, a southern massif stretching 13 km along the east coast of Sakhalin to the Sea of Okhotsk where hikers can wander in peace.

The free hectare program, launched in 2016, enables people to apply for free tracts of land in the under developed Russian Far East. They must present a project to a development ministry and if their activity seems viable, they are given free plots and if successfully run then they officially become the land owners and can bequeath it to their children or resell the land.

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Elena Chernyshova/Panos Pictures
Sakhalin Island
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