Robin Hammond/Panos Pictures

Edumfa, Cape Coast, Ghana

A patient in a barred cell in the psychiatric section at the Edumfa Heavenly Ministry Spiritual Revival and Healing Centre. The chains that once shackled its patients have been removed in response to criticism from human rights groups. In their place, for those considered violent or at risk of running away, are cages. Family members often stay with their relatives praying with them and sometimes on their behalf for a cure to what many consider a spiritual affliction. It is purportedly the largest, most established prayer camp in the country. Christians from all over Ghana (and other African countries) come to the camp in the hope of receiving, through the power of 'The Lord', such âblessingsâ as sickness cured, and end to infertility, a job, a ministerial appointment, travel outside the country, and even money. It has become particularly well known for healing people with mental health problems. There are no official figures, but recent estimates put the number of prayer camps in Ghana at several hundred. These camps operate with virtually no government oversight.

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Robin Hammond/Panos Pictures
Edumfa, Cape Coast
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