Mads Nissen


A slum south of Bogota where millions live in ramshackle huts, some without water or a proper sewer system. Armed groups consider the area as strategically important as it links Bogota to southern Colombia. Like the slums of the big city, this area is no less safe for the displaced landless. A typical day here sees the likes of undesirables brutally erased in so-called acts of 'social cleansing,' where armed groups 'liquidate' societal degenerates like the homeless, the ill from preventable and treatable sexually transmitted infections like HIV (AIDS), as well as the likes of any political opponent.This story by Mads Nissen was partly funded by a grant and when published it should be credited: Funding for this project was provided by the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for International Photography.

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Mads Nissen
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