Chris de Bode

Kabul, Afghanistan

Aabdar, Zari and Iman (real names not used) playing 'doctors' with a medical skeleton at their small private school.

Aabdar (10, left).

'I love to play football, but I also love to study and just read stories. By now I've read about four or five of the new books, and they are really nice. Before that I mainly read school books which is also nice, but I like to dream when I read books, I like stories that make me think and that tell me something about life. Life lessons are important. I think my favourite book is the one called 'Bush Tree'. It's about a small bird that helps another bird and I really like that idea. I can relate to that very much, because I want to help others as well. Afghanistan is a difficult country right now, and people need to be there for each other to move forward together. That's why I want to become a doctor, it's one of the most direct ways to help each other. Myself, I never go to the doctor though, I'm a healthy boy. I think it's because I play a lot of soccer.'

Zari (11, right).

'My brother, sister and myself get along well, I really like to play with them although my sister is a bit younger. She is only 4 years old, my brother is 8. Sometimes we play together with our dolls, we have fun. But I like going to school also.
The new books we got are really great. The one I just read, I forgot the title, is about a family with a lot of siblings and there is one, a boy, who is the weakest. He is also the youngest and the smallest in size, he always wants to be with his mother.
I learned from the book that you always have to take care of the weakest around you, because everybody sometimes needs help. Especially in Afghanistan, I think. I think lessons like that are really important, and it helps to read books that make you think.
I always wanted to become a doctor, but now even more than ever. I like to be there for the people of my country who need help.
Before the books from Save the Children were han

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