Abdul Hakeem Abdullah Hamash al-Aqeedi. Following orders from ISIS to evacuate their West Mosul neighbourhood, two brothers, Majid Mahmood Ahmed and Firas Mahmood Ahmed, were driving with their families in two cars across town. At the same time, coalition forces were monitoring surveillance video of the area, looking to strike what intelligence had indicated was an up-armoured vehicle carrying a car bomb. An official mistakenly identified the brothers' cars as those carrying car bombs, and an airstrike was authorised. "I remember there was a big explosion, and I fainted", said Abdul Hakeem Abdullah Hamash al-Aqeedi. The cars were passing his house when the weapon hit. He lost an eye and had a plate put into his left leg. His son, Mustafa Hakeem Abdullah, had his left leg amputated from the thigh down. His nephew, who had been a nursing-school student, lost four toes on his left foot and one on his right foot and still has shrapnel in his leg. The brothers and their family members in the cars were all killed.

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