Fernando Moleres


Abdul Sesay and Sarh Manseray excercising on the beach near the St Michael rehabilitation centre in Lakka near Freetown. Both have spent time in Freetown's notorious Pademba prison. Abdul was accused of having a portable radio that belonged to another man. The man hit him very hard which caused him subsequent breathing problems. He was arrested and remained at the police station for eight days before being sentenced and sent to Pademba prison in Freetown. He was released in October 2010 after a journalist paid 320,000 leones (EUR 60, or a prison official's wages for two months) distributed between the bail, the prosecutor and the money for the granter. Sarh was arrested at the age of 13 and accused of murder in 2007. One of his friends drowned at the port in Freetown but Sarh was accused of his murder. He was released after almost 7 years in prison. Upon release, Free Minor Africa, a charity which helps juveniles who have been in trouble with the law reintegrate into society.

[The second part of this photographic project was made possible with funds which Fernando Moleres received from the Tim Hetherington Grant in 2012]

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Fernando Moleres
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