Mads Nissen/Politiken

Belgrade, Serbia

Afghan refugee, Janher Khan, 14, washing soot from his body. Khan is one of a group of migrants and refugees who are living in a squalid, disused barracks complex seeking shelter from the freezing winter. The soot comes from fires, fuelled by old railway sleepers, that they have burning inside the buildings. The wood is impregnated with chemicals which are released when they are burned resulting in the air being thick with toxic smoke. Khan has been living in the barracks for a month. He has made one attempt to cross the border into Hungary and the EU. He claims that, along with some companions, he was caught by Hungarian border police trying to cross the frontier. They stripped them of their clothes and forced all of them to sit naked in the snow for almost an hour and they were also beaten. Despite this he plans to make a another attempt to cross into the EU.

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Mads Nissen/Politiken
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