Chris de Bode


Ahmad sings opera in an old building. Recently he was expelled from school as a result of an incident that he says he was unjustly blamed for: 'It is personal, I'd rather not talk about it. I am ashamed of what happened to me. I shouldn't feel ashamed because it was not my fault. You have to believe me, I didn't do anything. I was blamed for something I didn't do! I was expelled from school while I was innocent. I still can't believe it.' He wasn't only expelled from his school, but from the whole school system. He says: 'I dream of being an opera singer. Opera music makes me calm and I feel very peaceful. I just close my eyes and surrender to the music. I want to give the same feeling to others. My passion in life is singing. I am often asked to sing at weddings and parties. I don't sing opera there, but popular Palestinian songs. Although I dream of being an opera singer, I doubt whether I should pursue a career in singing. I don't think it pays much, so maybe I should be a computer engineer. You know what I would really like to do? Audition for Arabic Idols'

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Chris de Bode
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