Ajany (60) feeds one of his children from a tin basin in the one room home where he lives with his brother Wol (70) and their children. Ajany's wife left about two years earlier while she was still breastfeeding and Wol's wife died about three years before.
The brothers try to look for casual work in the market: ''When we can, we work'', says Wol. ''We were getting work 3 or 4 times a month'', says Ajany, ''but because of my hand, it's hard.'' Ajany has a form a paralysis in his hand.
''Sometimes we beg at the market... we go to the butcher and take home the skins and scrape the last bit of meat off'', says Ajany.

Wol: ''We often feel hungry. Sometimes we can go up to seven days without food. If we get some, we give it to the children.'' ''There's a lot of dizziness when we have to go without food.''
Ajany: ''I worry about the future because there is no food for the children and they can't go to school.''

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