Aleksander (25) from Levanger in Trondelag survived the terrorist attack carried out by Anders Breivik on the island of Utoya while he was attending an AUF (Workers' Youth League) political camp in July 2011. He hid under a sofa in the island's school house where, along with 47 other youths, he stayed until Breivik was arrested and the police found them. Now he works in customer service and lives with his fiance.

'What I want the most is a completely normal life. I want to get married, start a family, have a house, a car and a dog. To be in a job I enjoy; it doesn't neet to be something ambitious. I want to experience life for what it's worth. It was a moment when everything we take for granted in life seemed completely improbable.'

His advice to himself: 'You will reach further than it might feel like right now. Maybe it seems hopeless, but is not over. Everything you do from now on will be a personal achievement; to pass the exam, get your driver's license, buy an apartment and be in a long-term relationship. Even if you believe that none of this is going to happen.'

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