Martin Roemers

England, Great Britain, UK, UNITED KINGDOM

Alf Lockhart (b. 1918 in the United Kingdom) was blinded during the Second World War (WWII). 'I was just a shadow of myself and lived in a world of fog. As a prisoner of war, the Japanese made me work on the Burma Railway. There, a great many prisoners died of dysentery, malaria and malnutrition. I largely lost my sight through a lack of vitamins. When the Japanese capitulated, the British took charge of the camp. This was the first order of our British camp commander: 'All British personnel under the rank of sergeant must report at 6.30 am for physical training. Only those who have had legs amputated are exempt.' We were exhausted after three years of hard labour and all that our officers could think up for us were exercises. After the war I went back to my old occupation as a furniture maker. My sight has never recovered. I see nothing in the middle. If I look at someone, I can only see his chin, his hair and his ears.'

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Martin Roemers
England, Great Britain, UK
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