Chris de Bode/ PanosPictures

Ar Ramtha, Jordan

Ali, 9 years old. 'I had it all before the war. I was happy. Then the war started. We had to run for our lives. We walked at night and took shelter during the day. We wanted to take the path through the valley behind me. It is the border between Syria and Jordan. But it was blocked. They flooded the valley so refugees couldn't pass. We had to walk many extra kilometres. We had to run to the Jordanian border. Snipers were shooting at us. Bullets flew everywhere around me. I am lucky to be alive. I don't know why they did that. I am not the enemy. I am just a boy with simple dreams. I want to be happy again. I relive our escape every day. Sometimes I sit on a rock here and I look at the valley. I am so close to home, bu tso far away at the same time. It is unreachable, just like a new chance at happiness. My father used to play the lute at home. We found one here and my father taught me how to play. When I play, at least I feel peaceful. That is the closest I can get to being happy.'

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Chris de Bode/ PanosPictures
Ar Ramtha
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