Kieran Dodds

Knightswood, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Alice Kimmins, 62.'I love baking. If I had my money, I would buy flour and make fruit loafs and scones. I love my mince and tatties (potatoes), that would be the best meal. If it wasn't for that food bank I don't know what I would have done. Growing up I was in care for 2 year in Dunoon, mother and father split up. During the summer I worked in a cafe during the holidays but I had to go with my granny, my dads mum. I got a job in Millers of Castlemilk, as a machinist. I used to adjust curtains. Then I worked in Gartnavel [hospital] for three years as a domestic [cleaner]. I loved it. Then I moved in with my grandad and looked after him for 12-13 year. He was [actually] a friend of the family but see from when I was a wee girl I called him grandad. I was more or less his personal carer. I took all the rubbish jobs to pay for it. I worked in an army academy as a cleaner. Then I ended up with chronic back pain. That's how I'm on dihydrocodeine today. I hate taking tablets, I see what happens to people taking tablets. I'm not a tablet person but if you have to take them what can you do. I have chronic back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and spondylitis which is arthritis really. I would love to go out and work and do my domestic. I'm on painkillers and antidepressants, been on them for 12 year. I stopped working when I stayed in Drumchapel, about 25 year ago. When I moved in here, they told me I get paid a day later. I went to get payment and there was nothing in! I phoned them and they said my account was closed down. They sent a letter to go for a medical assessment but they must have sent it to 75 [old address]. I had already changed my details. All I did was cry. I said 'I need help, I need help'. I felt like they were just blocking me out, they weren't caring. I had no power and I said to them, 'I don't know how I am going to live?'. Not so much for the heating but for the cooking. I didn't know about the Foodbanks until someone told me about it. I got three referral forms, they explained everything and said don't worry we'll get you sorted. I don't know what I would have done without it. I have never had to go to a food bank in my life. It's embarrassing. They said I should get [money] in a month but I didn't get it, so I had to go and claim job seekers. What am I meant to do for money? . I just felt 'why have I got to do this?'. I've got 6.90 on my [electricity] meter, thats all I've got for 7-10 days and that's not going to last. I got the sofa, fridge freezer and washing machine from the welfare fund Honestly I hate going to food banks but they are so nice there. I went over there and they only allow you three referral notes They give you three days of food, sometimes more. They give you cat food as well. I've got one kid and one I adopted out. A few weeks ago she got back in touch and we met. She is 40 in May, and I hadn't seen her since she was 2 weeks old. I've got four grandkids. My first grand daughter passed away. I'm no a drink

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Kieran Dodds
Knightswood, Glasgow, Scotland
United Kingdom
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