Dieter Telemans

Muynak, Aral Sea, UZBEKISTAN

Almachan Sratova, 49, an employee in a fish processing plant. For her, the working week is nearly finished, although it is only Monday morning. Her job is to sort the new fish cans that have just emerged from the pressing machine. We are busy with our last roll of tin. I will be unemployed again shortly. It may take some time before some more is delivered. The metal has to come from Kazakhstan. The fish canning department is also silent. The oil will not arrive before Wednesday. The sardines only come in dribs and drabs as well, she says. Three teams, each with 150 employees working around the clock used to work in Almachans department. Nowadays seven are working in a musty shed. Steam hisses out of a leaking pipe. Two days later, the oil has arrived, but there is no more sugar.

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Dieter Telemans
Muynak, Aral Sea
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