Ivan Kashinsky

Lapetanha, Brazil

Almir Narayamoga (the one who unites) Surui, chief of the Surui (Paiter) tribe uses an Apple Mac computer at a meeting of tribal leaders in the village of Lapetanha, in the Brazilian Amazon. He is a warrior of the Gabgirey (black wasp) clan. The meeting was arranged to discuss projects such as reforestation and tourism. Almir, sporting tribal body paintings, has vowed to save the Surui, the Amazon, and the world through reforesting the jungle. He has teamed up with Google and uses technology, such as laptops and smart phones in his campaigns. The Surui had had no contact with the world outside their Amazonian homelands until, in 1969, a road was built through their territory. At the time there were around 5000 Surui but within three years disease had wiped out all but 290 Surui.

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Ivan Kashinsky
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