Frederic Noy/Panos Pictures

Amboseli, Kenya

An initiation rite in the 'boma' of Sontika Melok (26), the chief of some 5,000 'morans' (Maasai warriors). Young warriors dance to rhythmic songs and leap into the air. ''Here, many morans have not received an education, do not know that it is important not to kill the fauna. At the same time, they feel like they are not taking advantage of the animals'', says Sontika.'''tenBoma' changes that, by giving a role to the morans, and by employing members of the community, who know our reality. The gamekeepers come from our families. Instead of killing animals, we are now trying to treat them differently.'' 'ten Boma' is as much a species protection organisation as a development aid. The gamekeeper's salaries help the Maasai families. IFAW also funds scholarships. There are also concrete benefits: the village of Sontika Melok received four bulls as part of the project.

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Frederic Noy/Panos Pictures
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