J.B. Russell

Ainkawa, Iraq

An Iraqi Christian from the town of Samarra in his living room. Following the 2003 Iraq war, he says foreign groups, Al-Qaeda, Salafists and other extremists, infiltrated the city. As Christians, he and his family began receiving threats and his brother's car was blown up. The entire family decided to move to Ainkawa, a largely Christian town in Iraqi Kurdistan. Relative security and the large influx of displaced people and refugees has caused prices to increase dramatically in the region. He must work three jobs just to pay rent on a small apartment for himself, his wife and their two sons. Iraq's Christians are considered one of the longest continuous Christian communities in the world. In 2003 there were an estimated 1.5 million Christians in Iraq. By 2014 Iraqi Christians are thought to number approximately 400,000. Violence, persecution and sectarian strife have forced more than two thirds of the Christian population to flee the country.

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J.B. Russell
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