Mads Nissen/Politiken/Panos

Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine

Andriyn Kalinovskiy (26), nicknamed Kalina, talks with his mother while in the operating theatre at a military hospital in an undisclosed location close to the frontline. Later he described how he heard a loud sound and that's all he remembers. Fragments of shrapnel from an artillery shell pierced his leg and body and on arrival he expressed his fear and belief that doctors would need to amputate his left leg. Fortunately this wasn't the case but there were many shrapnel fragments in his leg that needed to be removed. While on the operating table, and in great pain, Andriyn tells his mum: "Mother I'm wounded but I am okay. I will return home safe and well, no more will happen to me"

Most of the soldiers at the facility have been wounded by shrapnel from artillery shells during fighting outside of Bakhmut and towards Luhansk.

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Mads Nissen/Politiken/Panos
Donetsk Oblast
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