Martin Roemers


Anja Stupp (b. Germany, 1970) was blinded in an explosion caused when some friends of hers triggered an anti-tank mine that they had collected near their village.
'It was 1982 and I was 12 years old. I was horse-riding with my friend Marian but It started to rain and we headed back early. We heard something in a shed and Marian and I stepped inside then everything blew up. It wasn't until later that I heard what had happened. Three of our friends, Cristoph (15), Jorg (13), and Holga (13), had found an anti-tank mine. In the shed, they had tried to open it. The explosion killed everyone except for me. There wasn't much left of my friends after the blast. I survived because I was standing behind the other kids. When they found me, they couldn't recognize me. They found our belongings, like my charred shoes, on the roofs and the surrounding area, hundreds of meters away. Fleeing German soldiers had left weapons and ammunition in the woods at the end of the war. Hikers still found these kinds of things decades after the war. Christoph was actively looking for these things. The basement of Christoph's house turned out to be stuffed with mines, ammunition and weapons. The explosion left me practically blind. I have one glass eye and only 3% vision on the other. That means I can see light and dark and I can recognise colours. I am a masseuse and treat cancer patients in a private clinic. At home, I am completely independent. I can cook, iron and vacuum all by myself. I only need help with my administration and when I need to go outside of my environment'

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Martin Roemers
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