Iva Zimova/Panos Pictures

Zaporizhzhie (Zaporizhzhia), Ukraine

Anna Pavlovna, from Mariupol, after she just arrived in Zaporizhie and is waiting for her daughter to pick her up. "We were half of the month in a bomb shelter and then such a terrible shelling, everything was shaking, the windows shattered, they fired from some weapons, also airplanes, it was such a terror. We just wanted to live. And suddenly a man slammed the door and asked if we would like to go to Berdyansk, he came from nowhere and we ran. I only have what I'm wearing and a few things I had ready in my suitcase. We had a three-room apartment, we repaired everything, the daughter worked and the grandson worked. Thanks Putin, he should kick-the-bucket.
We lost everything, everyone is without work, daughter without work, grandson without work, we have nothing now."

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Iva Zimova/Panos Pictures
Zaporizhzhie (Zaporizhzhia)
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