Kieran Dodds

London, England, United Kingdom

Antonia Francisco, 32, is a sales advisor living with her daughter Samara, 11 and 3-month old son Samuel in south west London.'I work part-time in Halfords as a sales advisor. My husband Sergio started working in TK Maxx this month. Before it was just me [supporting us financially] but I am on maternity. My husband changed his job to support me when I was in hospital for pre-eclampsia. He did a night shift 1hr 20 mins away across London. He wanted to transfer to look after me. The only choice Tesco gave him was you have to leave the job or leave your wife by herself. Sergio is asthmatic, he can't stay in this place, so lives with a friend in East London, one day here one day there, because of the damp. I was spending 200 on painting to clean the house. There was damp everywhere, they replaced the window at Christmas. I was getting unwell from the damp. It's really strong, the smell and I had to go every week with [my son] Samuel to the GP because he was really cold and had the flu. He couldn't eat. I felt stressed and was on medication [for depression] which I finished three weeks ago. I started in January this year. I was nervous because I didn't know how it was but then people from church were talking to me very nicely to make me feel calm. I feel better now. From the beginning I felt very embarrassed about using the food bank but I met the ladies who were very nice. I have been since November till now, every Monday, to get nappies and food. I was in front of the church and thought shall I go or not?.Sometimes I had to go without eating for a weekend. I had to be strong because of my daughter Samara, I can't show her how I was feeling. She asks when she is going to have a room so she can invite her friends. Samara is going to secondary school in September and this is a two bedroom. She doesn't have space We are still waiting for an answer from social housing [about the new flat], it's been a month, we are still waiting.'

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Kieran Dodds
London, England
United Kingdom
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