George Georgiou

Studenica, KOSOVO

Avni Gorqaj, the village hodji (Muslim holy man), inside the mosque.
He was asked to describe his memories of the 1999 war, when the whole population of the ethnic Albanian village of Studenica were forced to flee the fighting. He was a teenage student at the time, and had to flee Kosovo without knowing the fate of his family and the rest of the villagers. Towards the end of the war, he was reunited with them in Albania. 23 of the villagers had been killed, including the hodji.
"When we returned to Studenica, my emotions were mixed, both happy and sad at the same time.
When I look at the photograph of myself playing volleyball in our yard
[taken by George Georgiou in 1999], I feel confused - how did I have the
heart to play in that destruction? But when you are living in that situation
it becomes normal, you get used to it. When I sit at home alone and think
about the war, I can't believe it was part of my life."

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George Georgiou
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