Beyonce, a Ugandan refugee living in Nairobi where she is supported by Nature Network. Beyonce left Uganda after her family discovered that she is transgender. ''I'm from Uganda. I'm a proud transgender, but I'm in Nairobi as a refugee. I ran away from Uganda because my family and the community found out that I'm gay. I was beaten to death, but I survived. But my family continued to look for me. They also went to the radio station. They say that whoever sees me they should contact them or to kill me. That's when I ran to Nairobi in 2015''. Beyonce came to Nairobi hoping to find a safer life than in Uganda, however she often still finds intense discrimination towards LGBTQI+ people. ''In Nairobi it's very difficult as transgender women or transgender. We found life very difficult. Also in Nairobi people are homophobic. People try to threaten you. People try to attack you, because they can't allow gay people in their country. It's very difficult and I myself I can't move around, because a lot of community and people are homophobic, so it's very difficult here. There's a high risk for LGBT to get HIV, because their clients may say that, ''I'm paying you $20, but I don't want us to use condom. This person, the LGBT refugee he may, because he needs the money, so he will risk his life then he sleep with the guy. There is a high risk for that. I hope my future it will be like â to have a freedom, to be who I am and to do something that I can do when someone can't stop me. When someone also can love me, where I can be loved''.

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