Martin Roemers


Billy Orr (b. UK, 1921), blinded veteran from the Korean War. "I went to Korea in 1950. During a battle with the North Koreans a few of us got cut off from the rest of our troops. With no ammunition and no food for three days we had to fight man to man. Then there was a flash and that was it - I was blind. We were taken prisoner and had to walk 400 miles to a camp in Choksan. We walked at night and it took us a couple of months before we arrived. Many people died in the camp. We got some rice twice a day, and we also ate grass which we first cooked to get the poison out, just like the Koreans did. If I had not been captured, I could have recovered. The Koreans didn't do anything: you could live or you could die."

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Martin Roemers
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