Kris Pannecoucke/Panos Pictures

Maliba, Ntandembelo, Democratic Republic of Congo

Bodio Mpisomi (68, left) is the director of the elementary school of Maliba. The village is 52 kilometers from Ntandembelo, the local town where bank agents are sent periodically to pay public sector salaries in cash. He and Alfonse Bitepia Lambelo (67) come to collect the salaries of all 10 teachers from their local school. The director collects 45,000 Congolese Francs (USD 32) for school supplies like books, chalks, etc. For the journey, the two men need around 10 hours. The director uses his bike, his collegue runs alongside and has to replace the detached chain every few kilometers.

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Kris Pannecoucke/Panos Pictures
Maliba, Ntandembelo
Democratic Republic of Congo
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