Ivan Kashinsky/Panos Pictures

South Gate, California, USA

Carlos, 27, (not real name) stands in an alley outside his workplace. When he was seven he left Michoacan, Mexico with his mother who was escaping a violent situation. He works as an office administrator for a seafood distributor on a 3.00 am until 2.00 pm shift.

''We are hard working people. We work from morning till night. We have two jobs, three jobs. We go to school. We want happiness. We want to be part of this country.''

''It was non-stop bullying for not knowing the language. I was bullied not only by school mates, but by family members. I used to get stabbed with a pencil on my leg for not knowing how to say something in English. We used to get notes on our door saying 'no beaners aloud, no wetbacks aloud'.''

''It is difficult being in the shadows because you can't come out to your family. You can't come out to your friends. It is something that is so detrimental to your health.''

''That poverty in MichoacanâWe did not have enough money to eat. We would just have to eat onion. She (mom) used to work as an onion picker and a potato picker. She brought onion home and she diced it and grilled it and that's what we had. That was our lunch. That was our dinner. Sometimes we had onion, sometimes we had potato.''

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Ivan Kashinsky/Panos Pictures
South Gate, California
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