Sean Sutton/MAG/Panos Pictures

Amee Junction, South Sudan

Charles Okalonam walks past the new church he is building on land that was once a minefield. 22 people have returned so far and all come to this church. "This is our ancestral land, it is good land. We couldn't come here before because it was a minefield. There used to be about 200
families here, there was a big sports field and it was a very nice village. But war destroyed everything, and this was all mined. At least 12 animals were lost, and two children were killed here and two people lost their legs to landmines. Now Mines Advisory Service (MAG) has cleared the mines and we can
come back. We will grow a lot this year and many more people will come home."

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Sean Sutton/MAG/Panos Pictures
Amee Junction
South Sudan
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