Robin Hammond/IDRC/Panos Pictures

Al Azraqiya, Falujah, Anbar, Iraq

Children surround their grandmother, 59 year old widow and housewife Hameda Ziad, at their home in Al Saqalawiya. Hameda and her family lived under the occupation of so-called Islamic State (IS). After a year, in the midst of a battle, they fled the IS controlled area and at an Iraqi Security Force's screening point the men were separated from the women and children. Hameda and her children went on to a camp for Internally Displaced People (IDPs) but her son, Ahmed Sami, never joined them and they have not seen him since. Hameda stayed for 8 months in the IDP camp before their village was retaken by Iraqi Security Forces and they could return when they found their house looted. Living in Hameda's house now are her daughter-in-law, the wife of Ahmed, and her six children. In addition she is caring for two of her own daughters and their children. Hameda and her household are surviving on donations given by neighbours and well wishers. Al Saqlawiyah, west of Baghdad, fell under the control of IS in September 2014. The ISF (Iraqi Security Forces) and PMUs (Popular Mobilisation Units) managed to recapture it in June 2016. In September 2016, families were able to return back to their homes. During the battle as many as 700 men were separated from their families in a screening process conducted by ISF and PMUs. Many have not been seen since.

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Robin Hammond/IDRC/Panos Pictures
Al Azraqiya, Falujah, Anbar
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