Kieran Dodds

Brandon, County Durham, United Kingdom

David Heselton, 44.'To sum it up I felt like shit [when I first went to a foodbank] because I was a sponge. I felt like that all the time but what else are you supposed to do? I've used the food bank eight times. I couldn't give anything back so I gave my time and volunteered. I know I am wanted and I know I can help; because I'm a happy, cheerful lad, it makes them cheerful and happy. I always have a good laugh with them. Back in 2013, I had never heard of them [foodbanks] but was sanctioned for 9 months [when benefits are stopped, which could be due to one of a number of reasons]. The 9 month sanction was when I walked out of work because I have been in employment less than six months, doing door work, security.... Some of [the reasons for using the food bank] can be drug and alcohol abuse, which we see. They will walk from anywhere, I'd say if anyone's walking it will average 8-10 miles at least. I had a family in of eight and the lad came on his own and had walked from Ferry Hill which is about 6-8 miles, so fourteen mile round trip! We have to use our own judgement if they are genuine or not. The primary aim of the food bank is if the need is great we will give it - even if they don't have a voucher..... Most of Brandon is council [housing], its really low employment, they are all practically unemployed. They don't care here much for work. Put a bomb on brandon and it wouldn't make much difference, I'm being serious. At the foodbank, there's a computer there to do job search, they can learn English and maths if they want to, there's stuff their for the kids to play with. On my jobseekers [allowance] I can cover all my bills, it's only on sanctions you find it more difficult. I would tell some of them [politicans] to come out and see it for themselves. And have a go at it and say right, you sign [for unemployment benefit] on for a fortnight and see how you manage!'

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Kieran Dodds
Brandon, County Durham
United Kingdom
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