Crispin Hughes

Gurgaon, New Dehli, India

Donkeys on a construction site in Gurgaon where the animals are used to transport building materials up the stairs of the new developments. The city outside Delhi, is undergoing a boom in construction fuelled by the new Metro link and Delhi's need for young professionals.

Modern India is built on the backs of donkeys. Sudha and her family, the donkey's owners, have 14 of the animals acquired over two and a half years at a cost of between 3 - 10,000 Rupees each (30 - 100 GBP), depending on its condition. The donkeys carry bricks, sand and crushed stone for mortar and may have to walk up twelve flights of stairs. Each brick weighs 2.5kg and there are 25 bricks in a load. Working hours are 8.00am – 3.00pm after which the donkeys will be fed and allowed to socialise and groom each other. They eat channa, hay, pulses and jagari. Sudha says the feed for the 14 donkeys costs 6,000 (60 GBP) Rupees per week.

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Crispin Hughes
Gurgaon, New Dehli
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