Nyani Quarmyne/Panos Pictures

Pandaan-Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia

Dr. Ariesza Permata was bitten on the arm by a White-Lipped Green Pit Viper as she opened a grill door from her bedroom onto a porch at her family's home. Approximately a month before being bitten, she recounts that she had seen the tail of a snake disappear out of this kitchen window. On being bitten, Dr. Permata first went to a local hospital which had no antivenin (antivenom), and so was referred to a provincial hospital two hours away. She says she spent three days in the Intensive Care Unit, during which she had no feeling in her fingers and her face went black. In the end her case was actually managed symptomatically, as her blood test results did not meet the criteria for antivenin administration. The back of the familyâs home formerly featured shrubs and decorative plants, all of which have now been cleared to make the area less attractive to snakes. During clearing, a White-Lipped Green Pit Viper was found amongst rocks underneath an air conditioner beside the porch. Dr. Permata remains too traumatised to go onto her bedroom porch.

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Nyani Quarmyne/Panos Pictures
Pandaan-Pasuruan, East Java
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