Dr Olasope Aramide, Senior Registrar, Nephrology Unit, Department of Medicine, Lagos University Teaching Hospital working in the COVID-19 Wards of the College of Medicine, University of Lagos.

''My primary fear was contacting the virus, not only me but taking it back home to my family. But I spoke to a friend who is practicing in the US and she was able to allay some of my fears. With my friend's encouragement coupled with the seminars and teachings we have had, I realised it was not as bad as it was being portrayed, especially when you are adequately protected. The teamwork here is excellent. We work as a big family. If you are a doctor on the ward and a patient needs to be cleaned, you do it, and you are glad to do it. What motivates me most is when my patients walk out of here healthy, especially those that we thought would give up. We still lose a few and it is an emotional roller coaster when my patients give up after all we have done, especially the young ones. I am proud to be among the few female volunteers here. Before COVID-19, at least once in a weekend or once a month, I would attend some social gathering but from February until now, all socialising has stopped. If I want to pretend I am at a gathering all I need to do is to put on the TV and listen to some good music. Spiritual life as we once knew it has also changed because we can no longer gather in church for services. I am a member of a large church so even now that the services have been re-opened, my church is not allowed to because you can't control the crowd to 50 members. But on the plus side, I am saving more money, no more cinema, no more shopping or eating out, no more parties. Now I just buy fuel and drive to work.''

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