Andrew Esiebo/Panos Pictures

Sagamu (Ishagamu), Ogun, Nigeria

Dr Olayintan, registrar in the pathmethology unit in the department of internal medicine at the Onabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital.

''When chloroquine was banned, a lot of people stopped using it but when COVID-19 broke out, people were forced to go back to its usage because they said it is protective and cost effective in fighting the virus and that's what we are using. When anybody shows an allergy to it, we have to stop. The dosage for each patient differs. We also check the patient's health history to know the kind of medication to administer. When we stared there were shortage of personal protective equipment, then we started getting donations and now we have more than enough. We put on personal protective equipement when we want to attend to a patient and it is not comfortable. We plan our routine so as to spend minimal time inside the PPE because everything tight so that by the time we come out the scrubs we wear would be soaked. It's not easy but the joy that somebody is doing it. When I started working here there were so many people worried about my life and some people who were happy about what I am doing. One of my sisters called the other day to encourage and to tell me she is proud of what I am doing. I know God has given me the grace to sacrifice and do extra things that people are scared to. God has helped us and God is still there, He will continue to back us up. Our hope and trust are on God. I am begging the public to please believe COVID-19 is real. We have seen terrible cases, we have seen moderate cases and we have seen mild cases. They should take it from us, we are not politicians, we are health workers and we see the patients, we are not happy hearing that people are still doubting because it is going to increase the number of cases. If people don't believe, they are making our workload more but if they believe and the take care of themselves and protect themselves, the workload will be less and very soon we can say 'we have a flattening of the curve'.''

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Andrew Esiebo/Panos Pictures
Sagamu (Ishagamu), Ogun
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