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Reykjavik, Iceland

Drifa Hrund Guomundsdottir with her twins Baldur Logi and Brynja Lill out shopping.

Guomundsdottir said that 'usually (my daughters) would be busy with friends or sports', but during COVID lockdowns Guomundsdottir and her girls had lunch together every day. 'We would just have conversations about everything and nothing and have fun and laugh. We also baked and did puzzles, not something you do with your teenagers unless you're locked inside all day.'

'I think that was the tipping point for me', Guomundsdottir says, 'I realised I wasn't ready to be done with the mom thing.'

A baby boom in Nordic nations comes as many other wealthy countries are seeing declining birth rates. The twin's parents Drifa Hrund Guomundsdottir, a molecular biologist, and her husband decided to have a third child during the pandemic and ended up with twins. 'During the pandemic, in the middle of lockdown, things just kind of slowed down a lot', Guomundsdottir says. Baldur Logi, a boy (left), and Brynja Lill, a girl, were born in March 2021.

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